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3 Affordable Marketing Strategies for Businesses to Foster Symbiotic Relationships

Other local businesses can benefit your hotel and them. 

The charming coffee shop down the road and the next big music festival can give your hotel additional revenue streams or the opportunity to bring in a big demographic. Collaborations with any other business that attracts travelers can help your bottom line.

Creating partnerships with local businesses offers a number of benefits. Most importantly, it increases visibility and reach. By partnering with others, hotels can tap into the existing customer base of those businesses and vice versa. This expands the hotel’s reach and exposes it to potential customers who may not have been aware of its presence before.

Online booking tools are extremely popular for travelers which offers a great opportunity for bundle deals. If you know there’s a big event coming to town that people are likely traveling to attend, reach out to the event organizers. You may be able to partner with them and offer a discount to consumers who book with you after purchasing their event tickets.

That could open your doors to hundreds of guests who may not have booked with you otherwise.

These deals don’t have to be an occasional thing other. Partnering with small businesses can also prove fruitful. Anything that travelers may rely on while they visit (food, travel costs, etc.) can mean additional revenue for you. Here are a few ideas.

1. Dining

Hotels can partner with local restaurants or cafes to offer dining options for their guests. This can include providing discounts or exclusive offers, featuring the partner establishments in the hotel’s marketing materials, or creating joint promotions and packages.

Some partnership options include:

  • Discount cards
  • Packages that include a free meal
  • Hosting tastings
  • Fee-free delivery for local pizza or other dining spots

Advertising these benefits is sure to bring in guests looking to save money on their trip, and local restaurants will most likely welcome the additional clientele.

2. Transportation

Collaborating with local transportation providers like car rental businesses, public transportation services, or taxi groups is another way for hotels to distinguish themselves from the competition.

They can offer convenient transportation options for their guests and create bundled packages that include transportation accommodations, promoting both the hotel and the transportation partner. Also consider discount partnerships with local for-profit parking lots and garages around the town so that parking fees are minimized for your guests.

Many guests will be traveling without their personal vehicle, so travel will be a major expense for them. Offering guests some reprieve will be a big bonus for your business.

3. Local events and attractions

Hotels can partner with nearby attractions, theme parks, or local tours to offer special packages or discounts to their guests. By partnering with local museums, galleries, and cultural centers you can elevate your guests’ experience and attract visitors looking to explore culture. If travelers can count on you to help provide affordable fun, they’re certain to remember and recommend your hotel.

This collaboration can involve cross-promotion or bundle deals with purchases. You want people traveling into town to know about your services just like these venues will want consumers traveling to the area to know about their own.