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3 Ways Nature Nurtures the Guest Experience

Bring guests back to nature with easy environmental enhancements.

Nature’s effects on the human experience are wondrous. So when guests seek a peaceful getaway, it only makes sense to bring the great outdoors inside, and in every way possible.

The connection between humans and nature has been vastly studied, and the benefits of spending time outside have been confirmed many times over: the American Psychological Association agrees that “interacting with nature has cognitive benefits,” citing research from the University of Chicago and multiple medical journals.

This yearning for being beyond walls stems from a theory known as biophilia, defined as an innate and inherent connection to the natural world that we come from. It’s no wonder that destinations like Spruce Point Inn – where you can learn about the sea while in the sea as you swim with marine biologists – or The Lodge at Woodloch – where  “forest bathing” (yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like) brings on a meditative state – are among many popular nature resorts featured in USA Today.

So how can you bring nature inside? Capitalizing on this undeniable feeling we as humans are apparently drawn to is easier than you think:

  1. The obvious (and cost-effective) option is to utilize plants in your decorating. Spending the extra time, money, and effort to take care of real plants as opposed to opting for synthetic foliage will make a world of difference. Set the tone – even in bathrooms – with plants that thrive indoors, like low-maintenance succulents or breezy palms and ferns, and your guests will definitely appreciate this living art. And let’s be honest, we can tell the difference between real and fake. Real all the way.
  2. Colors, images, and earth tones pulling on nature’s palette will provide a calming atmosphere that guests will want to spend their time in. The boosting effects of blues and greens create a sense of peace and comfort. In experiments published by the National Library of Medicine, the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health discovered that viewing images of natural landscapes induced a more relaxed physical response compared to results from seeing other images.
  3. Are you utilizing your outside space? If not, you should. Take advantage of even the smallest opportunities for guests to relax outside. Colder climates can offer fire pits for families to cozy up with s’mores while tropical areas have plenty of options to create water features like fountains and waterfalls. Just the visual of water brings a cooling effect in hotter temperatures. Limited on outside space? Install a fish tank that will surely keep guests busy while they wait to check in. Or consider playing nature sounds in common areas. Soundscapes like water lapping on the shore or bird songs encourage positivity and bring about a positive state of being.

All types of guests have one thing in common: they want a pleasant experience, especially when they’re sleeping somewhere other than home.

Nature as a decorative element can come in so many forms, working toward everyone’s benefit. It’s proven that patterns found in nature elevate mood. From plants to pictures to mini-oases, any space can be so much more when it embraces our natural need for nature.

No matter what state they’re in when they arrive, whether it’s stressed out from work or overstimulated from technology and distractions, all guests should leave happy. It’s no secret what makes us happy. In fact, it’s right outside.