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4 Coffee Shop App Features That Improve the Guest Experience

Make the most of your coffee shop app to gain customer loyalty and boost revenue with these four popular app features.

Coffee shop apps are extremely popular right now, and savvy coffee shop owners know that today’s customers expect the convenience of a mobile app, according to app development company Messapps:

“Simple, elegant, logical, and effective, [apps] have become a key trend in the cafe and services industry,” says Messapps. “Boosting customer loyalty through a custom app is one of the most effective and popular ways of increasing sales, boosting revenue and making a bigger profit, according to Messapps.

There are many features that can be included in apps for cafes and coffee shops, and the nature of each depends on the business and the services they are trying to promote, according to Messapps.

“There are some fundamental features that are adopted more or less across the board, simply because they enhance the customer experience, and add to that sense of loyalty, efficiency, and keeping the customers’ best interests at heart,” says Messapps.

If you’re looking for a mobile app for your coffee shop or want to add features that today’s coffee shop guests expect, here are four features that customers will appreciate.

Mobile ordering

With an efficient mobile ordering app, your customers save time and enjoy convenience while getting their best coffee drinks without waiting in line, according to Orda, a restaurant, coffee shop and hospitality mobile app platform.

“Customers can order their food and drinks via smartphone. Then they can just pick up their orders at the counter or at their table, without waiting for their turn in line,” says Orda. “Also, the customer’s information is saved in the system so that he will not have to re-enter his information if he orders again on the same day.

“Apps make ordering coffee faster, more efficient, and more streamlined. That means you can make more sales in a shorter time which means more money in your cash register.”

Cashless payments

Today’s consumers often expect a cashless payment option. “App payments don’t require you to have the right cash on you, nor do they require you to search through your wallet searching for the right debit or credit card,” says Messapps.

Offering cashless payments does more than just let customers know that your coffee shop cares about making the guest experience easy and convenient.

“It also shows that your cafe is taking steps to stay on top of the latest technological developments and that it’s keen to gain the edge over the competitions… and that’s something that today’s coffee-drinking generation simply can’t get enough of,” says Messapps.

Loyalty rewards program

An app that has a loyalty program rewards customers with free food, drinks or discounts for purchases. “Rewards programs are an excellent way of encouraging repeat business,” says Orda. “Reward your loyal customers by giving them special privileges such as free beverages, free topping, and free pastries on their orders.”

Ready-made coffee “community”

“If you’re a coffee shop owner, you want your customers to not only use your services as often as possible, but also take an active interest in what you do and what your cafe is doing and selling on any particular day,” says Messapps.

Send notifications via the app to your customers about new coffees, discounts, specials and in-house or local events to keep guests informed and excited about visiting and help them feel that they’re part of a community.

“Loyal customers are good customers, and if you’re able to effectively increase that sense of belonging and connection between the client and the business via an app, you’re putting yourself on a path to greater success,” says Messapps.