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4 Ways QR Codes Remove Stress from the Wait Staff at Your Restaurant

Self-ordering is increasingly common, and effective.

One of my favorite restaurants is bustling with positive energy from its front-of-house staff every time I dine there. I’ve noticed one major reason why: They never take an order.

Waiters run around offering complimentary hot tea and delivering food. Immediately after sitting down, I can see a QR code displayed on a small stand. With it, I’m able to order at my leisure and can see the total add up in real time instead of getting sticker shock when my bill comes at the end. If I want to add anything to my order, I don’t have to flag down a server and they don’t have to drop what they’re doing to help me.

A digital ordering system just makes everyone’s life easier. That’s probably why they’ve grown in popularity. Benjamin Claeys, the chief executive of Menu Tiger, a global provider of QR-menu software, told the New York Times that the service grew in popularity by about 38% in the last quarter of 2022 alone.

Here are a few good reasons to jump on the QR train.

1.Communication improvement

Using a digital menu means you don’t have to worry about physical space. You can add nice photos of the dishes on your menu. Visual aids like this can widen a guest’s appetite (I mean, it all looks so good!). You can also include more detailed descriptions about what dishes are and their ingredients. This helps guests make informed decisions and leave satisfied.

It can also help minimize food waste by reducing errors in ordering. It’s easy for a waiter to misunderstand a customer and there be a lapse in communication. This lapse can lead to the wrong dish being served, which means more money lost for you.

2. Higher efficiency

QR code ordering systems can streamline your operations and improve the overall guest experience. Waiting for a waiter to come by for orders or to bring the check can add quite some time to a guest’s stay depending on how busy your restaurant is. However, with digital menus, guests can instantly access the menu, place orders, and even pay their checks seamlessly, minimizing wait times and increasing table turnover so that you can seat even more customers.

3. A more relaxed atmosphere

Implementing digital menus can foster a more relaxed atmosphere by encouraging guests to explore the menu more thoroughly and at a more leisurely pace, helping them to discover new dishes that they may not have tried otherwise. Even better, waitstaff can shift their priorities from taking orders to providing detailed, personalized service. They’re much better equipped to build meaningful interactions with customers, answer questions, and provide any other necessary assistance now that this major burden has been lifted.

4. Upselling

QR code systems can really enhance your opportunities to upsell. Through strategically placed prompts and recommendations, restaurants can encourage guests to explore additional menu items like appetizers, desserts, or drinks. These systems can also highlight special promotions or limited-time offers. It’s a chance to increase your revenue without being obnoxious to your guests.