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4 Ways to Increase Customer Engagement on Your Grocery Store Website

Today’s grocery customers have high expectations for your grocery website. Here are four ways to keep both new and loyal grocery customers engaged.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, consumers have come to expect the ease of online grocery ordering and delivery. Today your grocery store or chain must compete with Amazon and other online marketplaces and retailers for customers looking to stock their pantries and order toiletries and many other items typically found at the grocery store.

To compete effectively on the vast online marketplace, your grocery store must offer interactive avenues for customer engagement.

Engaged grocery customers form a stronger, more emotional connection with your brand, according to Codiant, a mobile app and web solutions provider. “As the e-commerce landscape becomes more crowded, customer engagement becomes the need of the hour,” says Codiant.

Customer engagement begins with providing a “seamless” online shopping experience at your website that creates loyal customers, according to customer engagement software provider Netcore Cloud.

Netcore Cloud recommends creating an intuitive, easy-to-navigate website experience for shoppers: “Shopping for groceries, even at retail stores, isn’t always fun, but by creating smooth customer journey flows, you can offer pleasant experiences for them on your grocery website and app,” says Netcore Cloud.

“[Customers] no longer need to go through pages and pages of products to find the ones they love,” says Netcore Cloud. “When customers get used to your brand experience with relevant recommendations sent at the right time, they will get accustomed to good grocery shopping experiences. They become your customers-for-life.”

Here are four ways to boost customer engagement with a better shopping experience at your grocery website.

1. Show appreciation for first-time visitors with deals and coupons

“Offering new visitors exciting deals and coupons as soon as they visit your website is a great approach to grab their attention instantly and encourage them to make purchases,” says Netcore Cloud. Then leverage information they provide such as the customer’s email, gender, age and other data when the customer signs up for an account for marketing purposes.

2. Offer personalized homepage promotions

Once you have more information about the customer, personalize their homepage experience with products, coupons and promotions in line with their buying preferences.

“Personalized homepage promotions influence 85 percent of customers to buy because they consume most of the content shown there,” says Netcore Cloud.

3. Encourage customers to download your grocery app

Encourage customers to download your grocery mobile app to keep both new and loyal customers engaged. “The grocery delivery app solution not only makes things easier but also provides a seamless experience to customers by making their daily shopping an enjoyable task,” says Codiant.

4. Use web push notifications to re-engage customers

For customers who abandon their cart mid-order or stop using your grocery website altogether, Netcore Cloud recommends using web push notifications, alert-syle messages sent to the person’s computer or mobile app about abandoned carts and limited time offers.

“Web Push Notifications are a great bet for remarketing. Because they are browser-based banners, they don’t suffer from such problems as spam filters or inbox inertia,” says Netcore Cloud, which recommends keeping web push messages short and simple.

“A good abandoned cart remarketing Push Notification can transform cart abandonment from lost sales to potential profit. Like cart abandonment emails, they are sent to subscribers who have left purchases at your checkout.”