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5 Customer Service Must-Haves for Your Fitness Center

Meeting customer service expectations can keep guests from shopping around for another gym.

Now that more post-pandemic members have returned to fitness centers, offering excellent customer service is key to providing a guest experience that makes your gym stand out from competitors.

“With changing consumer expectations, there is little room for error when it comes to customer service, especially in the fitness industry,” according to customer engagement software provider Glofox

“When your members sign up for your offering, they are investing in your service. That service is then judged by how you and your team make your members feel. The feeling that members leave with will determine whether they stick around or leave and never come back.”

The benefits of providing excellent customer service are many, including:

  • Building member loyalty
  • Boosting referrals for new memberships
  • Increasing member retention
  • Attracting staff that values the guest/member experience

“Customer satisfaction is one of the highest motivators for staying with your gym,” according to Uhuru Network, a web development and marketing agency. “Not only will these customers be more loyal if they’re happy, they’re also more likely to refer your gym to their friends.

“Out of all the impact [great] customer service has, the biggest impact on your bottom line is using it to increase your gym member retention. This starts at the front desk, is carried out by every coach and trainer, and prioritized from you, the owner.”

Curious about what your gym is already doing right or where it needs to improve? Read on for five customer service must-haves for today’s fitness center members.

1.  Multiple communication options

The days of most members hopping on the phone with questions are gone, replaced by a preference by many to send a text or app message and receive a straightforward answer right away. Offering different communication options that appeal to various styles is essential.

“Your members want to communicate with you on the platform they prefer,” says Glofox. “Whether it’s Facebook, WhatsApp, email, or in a live chat in your branded app, you need to deliver a unified experience across all communication channels.

“Technology such as artificial intelligence and chatbots will form an essential part of customer service. As more businesses utilize these types of features, it will become a norm for consumers.”

2. Personalized experiences

Nobody wants to be just another member ID. Train staff to make note of members’ first names and greet them by name when they walk through the door. Also, personalize your members’ experiences by keeping track of what times they check in and for which activities.

For example, if a member comes to yoga classes twice a week, send them a weekly email, or an email a few hours after class with yoga pose tips or information about how yoga benefits both body and mind.

3. Management that owns up to mistakes

“No one expects you to be perfect all the time, but they do expect you to care about them as people,” says Uhuru Network. “People value honesty and transparency, especially when your gym is clearly wrong. Being honest with your members strengthens the relationship and will help you improve your gym member retention.”

4. Well-trained, knowledgeable staff

Train your staff on as many aspects of your fitness center as possible. That way they can answer questions about equipment, classes, membership, child care and other gym amenities without having to call a manager. But also train them to reach out to management with questions that they can’t answer on their own.

A well-trained staff provides members with prompt answers to their questions will help build brand loyalty by instilling member confidence and making guests feel valued.

5. Easy-to-navigate website

Can members easily pay, access your class schedule and reserve classes on your website? If not, they may start looking for a gym with a website that’s easy to navigate and interact with, especially on their phones or other mobile devices.

Make sure your website is user-friendly, not just for Gen X, Gen Z and Millennials but also for older members who may not be as technology savvy as younger generations.