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5 Messages to Create Loyalty Program Engagement

These rewards program messages create trust and loyalty among guest members.

When guests sign up for your brand’s loyalty program, your marketing job is just beginning. Your brand can’t always rely on your current rewards program to work in every situation or for every type of guest. But you can tailor your email and text messages related to your rewards and loyalty program to engage customers and stand out from competitors.

“When you send a guest the right message, over the right channel, at the right time, it’s more likely to cut through the clutter and truly resonate,” according to “10 Marketing Messages for Successful Loyalty Program Engagement,” a report from Paytronix, a loyalty program provider.

“Using the proper approach to convey the information you want will maximize a message’s impact,” says the report. But not all channels are the best for every type of message.

Here’s a rundown of marketing messages that can boost guest loyalty program engagement, according to the Paytronix report.

1. Welcome message

When a guest signs up for a rewards loyalty program, your brand likely sends them a summary of how to earn rewards. Take that a step further with a welcome message that offers more details about rewards benefits.

“Because this message may be dense, it’s best suited for an email,” says the Paytronix report.  “If you want to welcome members by text message, referring them to an email or linking to a landing page works well.”

2. Registration reward

Offer members a reward just for joining the loyalty program. Email and text are ideal channels for this notification.

“Reminding guests about their registration reward is a great way to compel their next visit,” says Paytronix. “Our data shows getting guests to their first reward quickly increases the chances they’ll return.”

3. Bounce-back offers

Whether you’re targeting loyalty members who aren’t earning rewards or make this method standard for all members, sending bounce-back messages with special offers can keep members engaged and likely to return. Paytronix found that guests “become truly loyal” at the fourth visit.

“Bounce -backs can help get new members to that fourth visit,” says the report. “Emailing this offer enables you to provide a full explanation of the promotion. As bounce-back offers can benefit from a sense of urgency, limited- time offers work well here.”

4. Notice of expiring registration rewards

Reminding loyalty members to use their registration rewards via text or email instills trust in your rewards program, says the report: “Not getting to redeem a registration reward may raise doubts about the value of your program, so use all the ways you can to make sure they don’t miss out.”

5. Post-visit thank you and survey

Sending a text or email “thank you” that includes a customer survey after a visit to your brand builds a relationship with the member, says Paytronix. The message also enables your brand to gather feedback to make necessary improvements.

“The surveys should be kept simple and can either include an incentive for completion or not,” says the report. “This message is best sent through email, as it tends to require more thorough communication between the questions asked and answered.”