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5 Revenue-Generating Tips for Creating a Hotel Promotional Video

Creating a Hotel Promotional Video

Creating a hotel video that’s compelling and shareable can boost your hotel’s sales and add quality to your marketing campaign.

Hotel videos are key today when it comes to hotel marketing, according to Revfine, a knowledge platform for the hospitality and travel industry. Videos of your hotel’s rooms, meeting and event spaces, lobby, restaurants, bars and amenities go a long way towards giving guests and potential guests a targeted view of what your hotel or resort offers.

But guests aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a marketing video of what your hotel has to offer. A professional hotel video can also boost sales significantly, according to Revfine.

Hotel videos may focus on a special offer, recent renovations or the opening of a new property. Hotel videos can also offer a “tour” of your hotel and all it has to offer to potential guests anywhere in the world.

Why create a professional video?

Video is now the “preferred medium for publicity” for hotels and many other sectors in the hospitality industry, according to Revfine: “It’s important to make your video informative, appealing and engaging — not just a dry overview of your hotel facilities but a strong audiovisual evocation of just what makes your hotel special.”

According to Revfine, a hotel video allows potential guests to:

  • “Experience” your hotel without visiting the property first-hand
  • Differentiate your property’s facilities, amenities and services from competitors
  • Book a room, meeting or conference space with confidence gained from viewing your hotel video

“The right hotel video can make a tremendous difference to your sales, raising your profile in the hotel industry,” says Revfine.

With that said, not just any hotel video will do. Here are Revfine’s five tips for creating the perfect hotel video.

1. Don’t cut corners on quality

Your hotel video should be as “polished and masterful as your hotel,” according to Revfine, which emphasizes that trying to save money by cutting corners on video quality is a bad idea.

Pay great attention to detail to show your hotel at its best. Add a quality music track that’s pleasing but not overbearing. “Don’t be tempted to grab an off-the-peg royalty-free track and hope for the best,” says Revfine.

Important: Don’t use copyrighted music that you’re not licensed to use or your hotel could face issues with copyright infringement.

2. Make the intro compelling

People browsing online today have short attention spans, so your hotel video needs to have a “really good hook” right off the bat to keep the viewer interested in watching the entire video, according to Revfine. The intro might focus on:

  • Major selling points such as recently renovated rooms, restaurants, bars, amenities, meeting and event spaces
  • Ideal location in the heart of a popular district
  • Evoking emotion such as excitement and/or curiosity from potential guests

3. Stand apart from competitors

What sets your hotel apart? Is it your convenient location? Does your hotel have the best cityscape or water views in town? Maybe you’d like to highlight your hotel’s five-star restaurant or top-notch amenities that guests won’t find at neighboring hotels. The key is to show potential guests why they’d prefer to stay at your hotel over those of your competitors.

4. Add value

Include useful information going beyond basic rates and amenities that potential guests need to make their booking decision. According to Revfine, information that adds value and garners more shares on social media and other online venues includes:

  • Insight and guidance on nearby attractions, shopping and landmarks
  • “Hidden gems” that locals and staffers recommend
  • Tips or advice about the neighborhood or city

“Including this kind of valuable information in your hotel video makes it more interesting to viewers and also makes it more ‘shareworthy,’ says Revfine. “People will want to encourage their friends and contacts to view a video if it offers interesting and engaging material.

5. Share the video widely

Your hotel video can be a fantastic marketing tool on your hotel website — but don’t stop there. It’s crucial that to ensure that your audience can find your hotel video easily and share it. Post the video on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Also post short clips on video-sharing sites such as TikTok.

“Don’t forget to include relevant tags and descriptions, says Revfine. “You want people searching for ‘hotels in Yourtown’ to find your video in their search results.”