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5 Ways to Help Hotel Guests Get Back to Nature

Giving travelers a taste of nature can help them de-stress and truly enjoy their stay at your hotel.

Being “at one with nature” is one of the top 10 global hotel spa trends this year, and it doesn’t need to stop at the doors of the spa. As a hotelier, you can offer personalized service by helping your guests get back to nature throughout their stay.

“Regular contact with nature has recently become a proven way of combating stress and promoting wellbeing,” health and wellness consultant Louis de Vilmorin states in a Hotel Online piece about this trend.

From the spa environment and services to in-room amenities to arranging for classes and tours, hotels can provide better service by helping guests get what they crave: the wellness benefits of nature. Here are 5 ways  to provide better service by helping guests to connect to nature:

  1. Add natural elements to your design. The use of “biophilic design” is one way to help guests enjoy the natural environment. “New research suggests that properties that incorporate plants and natural elements into their spaces see more guests using those spaces and returning to them,” Lodging Magazine digital editor Robin McLaughlin states. One of the great things about biophilic design is that it can fit into every hotel budget, with no major remodel needed. Examples of biophilic design include: adding plants, using furnishings in organic shapes, employing natural materials like wood and stone.
  2. Play the sounds of nature. Many of your guests probably use the sounds of nature at home to relax and unwind, relying on apps or white noise machines to go to sleep to the thrum of raindrops or wake to the whisper of leaves blowing in the wind. You can also incorporate nature into the auditory environment at your hotel. You could play the sounds of a thunderstorm or ocean waves in your spa or add white noise machines to your guest rooms to help guests drift off to sleep.
  3. Create a serene outdoor environment. Fitness centers have been a standard hotel amenity for decades. But many guests now want to get their daily exercise (and relaxation) while taking in a breath of fresh air and some natural beauty. In response to this wellness trend, many hotels are adding outdoor wellness spaces, according to Hotel Management. Consider incorporating local materials and native plants in the design, offering guests an outdoor walking or seating area where they can enjoy nature.
  4. Bring nature into your hotel spa. The hotel spa is a natural fit for elements such as wood, rocks, plants and waterfalls. For example, Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa, in Malta, recently added an outdoor spa space that includes a “secret garden” and a “Mediterranean oasis,” according to Hotel Management. “For the spas of the future, architects should integrate as many natural features as possible,” de Vilmorin states. Natural experiences and discovery excursions should be made available in the vicinity. Time spent in natural outdoor spaces has physiological and psychological benefits, such as reduced stress responses and improved mood.” De Vilmorin suggests expanding beyond traditional spa offerings to incorporate “nature trails, wild nature therapy and outdoor massage.”
  5. Promote local natural attractions. The benefits of staying at your property extend to the area, and all that it has to offer. You can attract guests and help them enjoy nature by making them aware of what your region has to offer. Hotel marketing ideas from InnQuest include: partnering with local attractions, highlighting local natural areas on your app and website, and creating packages around local attractions such as lakes, waterfalls and nature reserves.hotel

In this digital age, your guests are craving a chance to reconnect with nature. By providing them with that opportunity, you’re offering excellent service, helping them to truly relax and unwind.