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VIP Experience: 5 Ways to Roll Out the Red Carpet for Your Restaurant’s Loyal Guests

Show your most loyal guests how much you value their business with these five tips.

You know who your VIP guests are. They visit your restaurant several times a month, typically spending big bucks, especially when they bring along colleagues, family members or friends. Make sure you show these loyal guests that you appreciate their business with VIP treatment.

“While every guest deserves top notch service, a select few may warrant a little extra attention,” says hospitality platform provider Seven Rooms. “From stopping by a few times a week to spending hundreds of dollars during each visit, VIP guests can quickly establish themselves as an important part of your business. After all, they have the potential to boost your bottom line.”

On average, 20% of restaurant, coffee shop, retail and nightlife customers who visit an establishment at least ten times drive more than 72% of a small business’s revenue, according to, a restaurant industry news source.

“Make sure that you go above and beyond to keep these VIP customers happy and coming back again and again,” says “These loyal customers are your main source of revenue, and you have to protect it.’

Ready to show your VIP guests how much you value their business? Here are five tips for letting them know that you value them and realize how important they are for your business.

Identity your VIPs

FastCasual recommends keeping a list of VIP guests so that staff members know to give them extra special service and acknowledgment. Use a digital loyalty marketing platform to track their visits and know when guests hit the VIP visit threshold (ten visits to achieve VIP status, for example).

“Don’t just rely on your staff to recognize familiar faces when they walk in,” says Fastcasual.  “Staff turnover makes that method unreliable.”

Offer VIP-only perks

Recognize VIP guest status with perks that not every restaurant patron receives. VIP guests might receive a complimentary cocktail or appetizer, for example. They may be able to skip the line waiting for a table. Let the guest know that these perks come with their VIP status.

Share guest profiles

Seven Rooms suggests sharing VIP guest profiles with your brand’s sister restaurants as well.

“Specific details such as their dietary restrictions or favorite dish can make a big difference in the guest experience,” says Seven Rooms. “Since you may have racked up plenty of insights into a guest’s preferences, sharing this information across your portfolio ensures they receive the VIP treatment wherever they go.”

Suggest unique dining experiences

Suggest restaurant experiences uniquely tailored to your VIP guest based on data your restaurant collects. Does a guest have a special anniversary coming up? Offer them a sunset rooftop dining experience. Does a VIP frequently come in with colleagues for a glass of wine after work? Set up a private group wine tasting for the guest and her friends.

“As more guests shift their focus from food to experiences, your creativity and personalization can be a game-changer,” says Seven Rooms. “Special perks and upgrades can go a long way toward showing your VIP guests how much you appreciate their business.”

Stay in touch

Connect with VIP guests via email and text messages containing coupons, discounts or information about upcoming events.