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6 Ways to Offer Concierge Service That Makes Your Hotel Stand Out From Competitors

Offering the right kind of concierge services can sway guests to book at your hotel again instead of the hotels across the street.

If your hotel has a concierge or a concierge team, you’re already a step ahead of many competing hotels. Or maybe your hotel is in the process of researching concierge services before you hire a concierge, which puts your brand in the perfect position to hire a concierge that’s best suited to the job of helping guests have a seamless and memorable stay.

Even budget hotels can offer a mobile “smart” concierge to offer guests a luxury stay even at a modest hotel, says hospitality software provider Hotefy.

Here are six tips from Hotefy for providing concierge service that brings guests back to your hotel instead of booking with your competitors.

1. Understand your clientele

“It’s important to know your customers so you can offer them added extras, convenience, and speed ordering room service from one of the best concierge apps,” says Hotefy. By understanding fully who your guests are, it’s easier to tailor your concierge service.”

For example, if your moderately priced hotel caters mainly to business clients, the concierge will likely be more focused on making dinner reservations and arranging transportation than on purchasing sightseeing tickets for guests.

To improve your hotel’s concierge services, look up previous guests’ data, watch for common queries and demands advises online hotel management system eZee Absolute.

The data will provide a better understanding of shifting guest preferences and enable the concierge and hotel staff to be prepared to answer or resolve common guest questions and offer suggestions for things a guest might like to do during their stay.

2. Build rapport with local businesses

Establishing a rapport with local businesses enables your hotel concierge to offer more when it comes to concierge services, says Hotefy:

“For instance, if your hotel services mainly business clients and holidaymakers, it’s wise to promote local relations with hired cars and taxis. Creating relationships with exclusive venues, from private gyms and country clubs to restaurants and nightclubs with great reviews can also help give your hotel the edge over competitors.”

3. Offer customer-focused packages

Hotefy recommends offering a guest-focused selection of standard packages. For example, one package may focus on day trips and another on local adventure. A hotel package focused on spa services or a curated restaurant list can also appeal to guests.

4. Hire a concierge who’s a good listener

“You can never solve a problem if you aren’t all ears,” says eZee Absolute.  The concierge must first understand exactly what the guest’s query or request is to answer their question or resolve a problem.

5. Create a list of walking distance attractions

If your hotel is in a walkable area, many hotel guests appreciate a concierge who knows all the restaurants, theaters and other venues within walking distance. This also saves guests the hassle and waiting involved with rideshare or taxi services.

6. Offer a mobile “smart” concierge

Concierge service doesn’t always have to be face to face. Your hotel can also offer “smart” personal service on a concierge app with local information and details of sightseeing, spa, restaurant and entertainment packages, says Hotefy.