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6 Ways Your Hotel Can Use Social Media to Inspire Guest Travel, New and Return Bookings and More

Don’t miss out on these opportunities to build brand awareness and grow your hotel’s social media following.

Is your hotel or resort making the most of social media marketing opportunities? Implementing a social media marketing strategy is a great way to engage with hotel guests and potential guests and boost awareness of what your hotel has to offer.

Using social media marketing also builds and rewards guest loyalty among your hotel’s social media followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms.

“The effective use of social media marketing in the hotel industry can elevate your brand profile, increase website traffic and boost reservations,” according to Revfine, a knowledge platform for the hospitality and travel industry. “Engaging with hotel guests via social media is a great way to gain valuable feedback and encourage customer loyalty.”

Here are six ways your hotel can use social media to boost revenue, brand loyalty and guest engagement.

1. Track analytics and competitors

Analytics are crucial to your hotel’s social media marketing strategy, according to Revfine. So, pay attention to how well your content and videos perform on social media platforms. Also keep an eye on what competitors are posting.

“You might notice that a competitor capitalizes on local events by promoting them. You can use this information to tailor your own strategy to be more effective,” says Revfine. “There are many tools you can use to see how competitor content is performing. Rival IQ and Social Media Tracker are just two examples, allowing you to look into post engagement and follower trends.”

Revfine also recommends researching how to use and make the most of hashtags to improve your hotel’s visibility and reach.

2. Plan seasonal content

Posting content on social media around upcoming holidays can inspire seasonal travel. But your hotel can also create content tailored towards peak, mid-season and low seasons.

“During the high season, your messaging could focus on the popularity of your resort, encouraging customers to book early so they can enjoy the high season next year,” says Revfine. “When revenue is lower, you can use your property management system to understand why and use paid social media ads to address this.”

3. Aim for shareable social media content

To get the word out about your hotel or resort, making social media posts and videos something viewers want to share is crucial, according to hospitality software developer Cloudbeds.

“Emphasize features that’ll make your hotel stand out, including elements like unique design, beautiful surroundings, local food specialties, and nearby attractions worth sharing,” recommends Cloudbeds.

4. Promote deals exclusive to social media

By using social media to promote exclusive vacation packages, discounts and other deals, you can boost engagement and show guests that you value their loyalty and are happy to reward them for it, says Cloudbeds.

Cloudbeds suggests rewarding those who follow your hotel’s social media pages and use social media to promote your hotel. You might reward them with hotel perks like free drinks and discount vouchers, for example. That way, you’ll grow your social media following and inspire followers to stay at or visit your hotel.

5. Connect social media with WhatsApp

Sign up for a WhatsApp business account so your hotel can share video, images and content, recommends Revfine. With around two billion WhatsApp users worldwide, the app is an “enormously powerful platform for businesses,” says Revfine.

Connect your WhatsApp account with your hotel’s other social media accounts to allow your guests to communicate across various social media platforms with direct contacts, along with targeted promotions and campaigns, says Revfine.

6. Maximize hotel video content

Posting high-quality, professional hotel videos keeps social media followers interested and engaged, leading to more shares on social media and new followers. Posting video content also improves your hotel’s organic reach, which is the number of people you can reach for free through Facebook and other social media platforms, says Revfine.

“Tailor your video content to a specific platform. Longer, more informative videos are perfect for platforms like YouTube, while TikTok’s short-form model makes it perfect for fun snippets with a personal angle.”