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6 Wellness Programs and Features that Guests Love

Adding a wellness program to your hotel’s marketing campaign can attract new and return bookings from health-conscious guests.

Today, health and wellness are top-of-mind for hotel guests, spurred in part by the COVID pandemic and an overall trend towards implementing self-care to de-stress and stay fit and healthy into their everyday lives.

Wellness vacations centered around spa days, massages and other wellness amenities offered by many luxury resorts and hotels have always appealed to luxury travelers. But today’s hotel guests who appreciate wellness amenities and features aren’t limited to only the wealthy or those dedicating an entire vacation to wellness.

The wellness tourism market actually has two types of travelers, according to “Global Wellness Tourism Economy,” a report from the Global Wellness Institute (GWI). There are “primary wellness travelers,” those who choose their destination and accommodations based on a hotel’s or resort’s wellness offerings such as a yoga or spa retreat, for example.

Then there are “secondary wellness travelers,” which account for the bulk of wellness tourism trips: 89 percent of trips and 86 percent of expenditures, according to the GWI report. Unlike those who book a wellness package or vacation, these hotel guests like to incorporate health and wellness elements into their business and leisure travel during their stay.

In recent years, hotel chains such as Westin embraced the wellness trend with rooms,features  and amenities that promote relaxation and wellness. For example, Westin’s signature wellness programs at many of its hotels include:

  • Healthy juices and smoothies
  • Rooms featuring the brand’s “Heavenly Bed”
  • Lavender and chamomile oils and balms for relaxation and better sleep
  • Three- and five-mile running routes
  • Fitness centers with Peloton bikes at many locations
  • Spa offering massages and facials

Is your hotel ready to add wellness features and amenities to increase guest satisfaction and garner more bookings from wellness-focused travelers?

Here are six wellness features and amenities that guests will appreciate.

1. In-room relaxation features

Add cost-effective relaxation features such as soothing eye-pillows for tired or computer-strained eyes or a noise machine that plays “white noise,” ocean waves, rainfall or other nature sounds. Provide a scent diffuser and essential oils like lavender, chamomile, jasmine and sandalwood to provide guests better sleep and relaxation.

2. Personalized wellness amenities

Offer guests the option of ordering wellness amenities based on their personal wellness habits. For example, your hotel could offer yoga mats or resistance bands combined with access to an on-demand yoga or fitness class TV channel, according to Amadeus, a cloud-based technology solutions company serving the hospitality industry.

“Mindful breathing—shown to regulate sleep, lower blood pressure and cortisol levels—can be promoted via meditation app integrations, as immune-boosting minibar products can both surprise and put guests at ease,” says Amadeus.

3. Healthy menu options

After fast-food road trip stops and airport food, health-conscious guests appreciate healthy menu options like seafood, salads and other greens, along with a variety of fruits and vegetables.

4. Provide a walking and running track

Walking or jogging is a favorite fitness activity for guests who want to clear their heads and stretch their legs during their stay. And if your hotel is pet-friendly, dog owners will appreciate a bit of fitness and relaxation for their furry friend, too.

5. Access to massage

Whether your hotel dedicates a room set up for massages or has licensed massage therapists on call, hotel guests stressed from cramped airline seats, long car trips or days spent walking around conference halls will find access to booking a massage a valuable amenity.

6. Comfortable, high-quality beds

Few things make people feel better than a great night’s sleep. Providing high-quality mattresses, box springs, pillows and bed linens should be high on the priority list when it comes to meeting guest wellness expectations. Your hotel can even showcase its beds and linens as part of its overall wellness program.

For example, Westin’s wellness program features the brand’s plush, pillow-top “Heavenly Bed” for better guest sleep. Westin even offers a pet Heavenly Bed for mid-size or smaller dogs.