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Attract Valentine’s Day Staycations – Get Inspired With 2024’s Top Romantic Destinations

From vacations to staycations, borrow from these exotic settings to bring the ultimate getaway directly to your guests.

Whether traveling abroad or staying local, guests shouldn’t need to spend beyond their means for a romantic escape.

There’s a growing trend to “escape” closer to home this Valentine’s Day – Forbes reports that “travel plans jumped up by 45%” from 2022 to 2023, according to research conducted by Allianz Travel Insurance, and those numbers are expected to grow. The analysis of over 700,000 travel itineraries in 2022 concluded that 7 in 10 travelers booked domestic travel around Valentine’s Day.

With the majority of Americans looking to stay local, hotels should take this opportunity to set the scene for an amazing staycation, regardless of locale.

Promoting to the local community is also a smart idea because Valentine’s Day spending is on the rise. Bankrate’s 2023 Valentine’s Day spending analysis shows that spending has climbed from year to year, and the amount of people spending on “experiences” and “evenings out” increased in both categories.

Despite increased spending, guests are still looking to save.

High prices and holiday spending hangovers mean guests will want alternatives to pricey road trips and flights. With more guests booking domestic travel over international options, it’s a great time to appeal to local travelers and feature staycation options that excite. Keeping trips within a short distance from home saves guests money while still providing the special experience they’re craving.

Guests can still feel like they’re getting away, even when they book a stay right in their own backyard.

It’s easy to create a dreamy Valentine’s experience for couples – just borrow from picturesque settings across the country and bring the magic directly to your guests. Get inspired with some of the best romantic destinations in America, as ranked by U.S. News:

  • Lanai (Hawaii) – This Hawaiian island features all things typical of a perfect remote getaway. From mouth-watering cuisine to sunny pools and hikeable coastline, it’s no wonder this slice of paradise ranks top for romance.
  • Napa Valley (California) – Napa’s famous for its vineyards, of course. It also features a beautiful natural landscape and the famous Napa Valley Wine Train. Don’t forget about the spas and hot springs.
  • Charleston (South Carolina) – Think charm and southern comfort with this “low-key getaway.” It has a variety of accommodations like bed-and-breakfasts and beachfront resorts, and it boasts culture and history everywhere you turn.
  • Big Sky (Montana) – Winter is prime tourist time for this picturesque area, with cabins and fireplaces galore. But it’s not just for skiing, it also provides lakes for fishing and trails for hiking any time of the year.
  • Cape Cod (Massachusetts) – Seashore galore brings with it the tastes of fresh seafood and some of the best breweries and wineries in the country. This special place brings visitors true peace of mind with plenty of slow-paced walks and bike rides.

Here’s five ways to bring these gorgeous settings into any hotel. Create a love fest that’s accessible for any guest, no matter their budget…

  1. Bring the island life indoors with specialty tropical drinks and relaxing soundscapes, like the crashing of ocean waves. Or host a luau with entertainment and food that brings guests a taste of the islands. It never hurts to adorn guests with flower leis.
  2. An elegant wine tasting experience can elevate any evening. Hire a sommelier or feature a staff member with exceptional wine knowledge and guide guests through a wine flight, paired with tasty complimentary snacks, of course.
  3. Turn up the charm with bed-and-breakfast inspired details, like a home-cooked breakfast. There’s other ways to make guests feel special, like providing fresh flowers in rooms, boxes of chocolate at check-in, and a schedule of local outings.
  4. Highlight local nature and host expeditions at a local park, lake or beach. There are plenty of nearby treasures to discover, even if it means hiring a shuttle for the day. If a busy cityscape is the nearest setting, offer free tickets to music events or art exhibits.
  5. Host an outdoor seafood bake or boil to capture the magic of Cape Cod. Guests will love watching the process and interacting with each other. You can also provide extra two-person seating areas that allow guests to enjoy their meal in an intimate space.

By adding some extra charm and special features to the guest experience, hotels of any size and style can attract more bookings. Even adding a couple of these special features and marketing to locals can help you make the most of bookings during this popular lovers’ holiday.

Capture the diversity of America’s beautiful landscape and deliver it right in guests’ backyards, making their Valentine’s staycation a dreamy getaway they’ll remember forever.