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6 Dog-Friendly Amenities and Features that Guests Will Love

Whether guests bring their own dog or simply hang out with canine “staffers,” your hotel can provide dog-loving guests with lots of unconditional love.

No pet owner likes leaving behind their furry companion while they travel. That’s why hotel guests look to book hotels that offer dog-friendly policies and amenities like pet welcome baskets, on-site dog parks and more.

More than half of U.S. adults surveyed in 2021 said they planned to travel with their pet in the upcoming year, according to Motel 6 research. The same survey found that seven in ten respondents said their pet needs a “getaway” soon.

Not surprisingly, many hotels are responding to pet-loving guest needs with more lenient pet policies and pet amenities. Most are aimed at dog owners, since dogs are the pets most ready to jump in the back seat of the car for a road trip. People flying with small dogs in under-the-seat carriers also appreciate a pet-friendly hotel.

In fact, demand for hotels that cater to both people and paws is so high that “there’s newfound competition as each tries to outshine the next with Instagram-worthy amenities, special pet-dining menus, yappy hours and adorable canine ambassadors,” according to an April 2022 article in Condé Nast Traveler.

Here are 6 dog-friendly amenities and features that can help your hotel gain an edge over competitors that aren’t up on the latest pet travel trends.

1. Off-leash dog park

Dog-loving guests already appreciate grassy grounds and pet stations with waste disposal bags. But if their dog is friendly and socialized, they may also like watching them romp off-leash in a fenced area for hotel guests’ furry friends even more.

2. Yappy hour

Happy hour isn’t just for two-legged hotel guests anymore. Guests who wish to enjoy a cocktail while hanging out on the patio with their dog will love bringing them to the daily hotel “yappy hour,” complete with “muttinis,” tasty treats and socializing opportunities for everyone at the table.

3. Dog massage and grooming

Why should human guests be the only ones who can get a relaxing massage? Keep a mobile pet massage therapist and groomers on call for guests who want to treat their dog to a spa day.

4. Dog walking services

Guests working or sightseeing during their stay may not be able to take their dog with them everywhere they go. That’s why they’re willing to pay a professional dog walker to take little Mimi or big Bubba for a leg-stretching stroll at least once a day while they’re out.

5. Canine ambassadors

For guests who can’t travel with their dogs, how about providing a “canine ambassador” or two for some furry-faced companionship? A friendly and socialized dog in the lobby may be just the friendly face that a hotel guest who’s missing their own pooch needs for a home-like stay.

Your hotel will be an even bigger hit with guests when you partner with a dog rescue to help homeless dogs find homes by using well-behaved shelter dogs as canine ambassadors.

Westin Rancho Mirage Golf Resort & Spa, located  in the Coachella Valley of the Palm Springs Desert, has more than 150 dog adoption success stories from its partnership with rescue organization Animal Samaritans, according to Condé Nast Traveler.

6. Dog “welcome” kits

Let four-legged guests and their owners know they’re both welcome by providing a dog welcome kit complete with dog treats, toys and coupons for local pet stores and dog treat bakeries.