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Hospitality Excellence welcomes unsolicited editorial submissions.  Please review the guidelines below and contact jim@hospitalityexcellence with any questions.  We do not pay for guest articles, nor charge for publishing. Editors look for well-written analysis and op-eds by qualified experts on issues of current interest to the hospitality community. To submit articles or ideas, email Articles are reviewed within 72 hours. Time-sensitive material should be noted with the submission.

Articles should:

  1. Be original, up-to-date and 500-1,500 words. Longer/shorter works are considered.
  2. Focus on news from the last 90 days unless pitching trends, white papers, etc.
  3. Please discolose any potential conflicts of interest.

Submissions should include:

  1. The article in Microsoft Word format (no PDFs).
  2. Any citations and hyperlinks in the form of numbered endnotes.
  3. Each author’s name, title, organization and color photo.
  4. Any charts or visual aids as hi-res JPG or PNG files.

Once an article is accepted for publication:

  1. You will be required to sign a license agreement.
  2. Hospitality Excellence edits for spelling, grammar and punctuation in keeping with AP style and Hospitality Excellence style.
  3. Hospitality Excellence alters headlines — length and tone — to fit our publications and newsletters.

Once an article is published by Hospitality Excellence:

  1. It cannot be republished in another news outlet for 90 days. Distribution is permitted via hospitality publications and social media.
  2. To distribute a PDF that includes the Hospitality Excellence logo, Please email for more information.
  3. Hospitality Excellence may be unable to honor requests to modify it, including for reasons of employee hires or departures, etc.
  4. The author retains copyright, but Hospitality Excellence reserves the right to republish parts or all of an article indefinitely without any royalty payments.

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