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How Hotel Concierge Can Woo Travelers With a Local Touch

If I’m visiting a certain locale, your hotel may well make interesting memories for travelers by providing a simple souvenir of sorts.

What’s unique to your area that might be a nice touch for those coming and going? One of the ways that hotels can distinguish themselves is by figuring out how they can ease their guests’ stay.

Doing so takes a bit more effort, but the result can bring memories that could help endear your brand for a lifetime.

If you’re familiar with The Bear and the modern culture of fine dining, you know that staff try to take the time to find specific and minute details that they can use to customize certain experiences for certain restaurant patrons. In a general sense, hoteliers and their staff can do the same even with budgets that seem to end up getting shaved down year after year after.

Ask what they would like for you to know

Don’t be afraid to ask guests if they would like to pass along any specific information that they think would help you better prepare for their stay.

A family with small children may appreciate a toy that their child might love, or a woman staying for an alumni gathering might see value in a shuttle (an Uber would be fine, perhaps) to take her back to a quite familiar campus.

You can’t possibly do everything for every guest, but at least that information could help you consider the ways that you can help those who circumstances allow.

If people are willing to put information about their trips online, surely they would pass along some information to hotel staff who they can safely assume have their best interests at the front of their  mind.You would treat a funeral or a pending pregnancy differently, since the two would require very different gifts if you chose to go that route. Just a sentence o two might help your staff better plan a wonderful stay.

If possible, use social media to sleuth a bit

It isn’t that difficult to find information about most people online. The vast majority of people put a remarkable amount of information about themselves online in an attempt to relate to others.

If you take a big swing and miss, guests may well appreciate the effort. Don’t worry about what folks will think about you using information they voluntarily make public about their lives and interests online.

People by and large will understand and appreciate the legwork you took to try and help with what can be a stressful time, and they will love not being treated like just another cog in a large and perpetually moving machine. Use your resources to figure out what people like and hate, and what they are passionate about.

If I’m from a new city, what can you tell me?

If I have never been to Louisville, a hotel could help welcome me to the city by making sure I have some items or information on the city and perhaps the community.

Given how many people travel during college football, for example, hotels could help themselves by making their guests more familiar with what they can get into while they are in your city.

Cities and regions vary greatly in this country, and introducing folks to some of those local and regional distinguishing factors is a smart way to acknowledge the ways that Americans on other sides of the map. What’s local? What are essential ways that people know or experience your city? There’s no better way to hammer home your commitment to guests than to think ahead in your attempt to ingratiate them into a new place.