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How to Cater to International Guests

You should be ready for your guests, wherever they’re visiting from.

In 2022, there were over 917 million international tourists worldwide. That’s still below pre-pandemic levels, however, it’s also double the number of travelers from the year before.

In 2021, America saw 22 million visitors. Not all of the data is available yet but in July 2022 alone, over 5 million people came to the U.S.

It’s important that we make sure every single tourist that visits feel welcome.

International travelers often face a range of challenges like language barriers, new customs, and cultural differences.

It’s important to be prepared. Hotels can help with these problems by providing services and amenities designed to cater to the needs of international travelers – it just takes some planning ahead. Here are a few…

1. Multilingual staff

One of the biggest challenges that international travelers face is the language barrier. Hotels can help overcome this by employing multilingual staff. They can help international travelers with everything from check-in and check-out to room service and restaurant reservations. By speaking the language of their guests, staff can help international travelers feel more comfortable and at home.

In addition to multilingual staff, hotels can also offer translation services. This can include translating important documents such as passports and visas, as well as translating menus, hotel information, and local guides.

2. Concierge

Concierge services can be a great resource for international travelers. A good concierge can offer recommendations on local attractions, restaurants, and events. They can also help with booking reservations, purchasing tickets, and arranging transportation. Concierge services can help international travelers make the most of their trip by providing insider knowledge and local expertise.

3. Currency Exchange

Currency exchange can be a major headache. Hotels can help by offering exchange services. This will help guests avoid the hassle of finding a currency exchange office and can also help them get a better exchange rate.

Giving your guests an essential resource, and making it easier for them to use, is a great way to ensure they’re happy.

4. Wi-Fi

Access to Wi-Fi is essential for international travelers. Hotels can help by offering free Wi-Fi access to their guests. This can help international travelers stay in touch with friends and family back home, as well as stay connected with work or business obligations. Wi-Fi access can also help international travelers research local attractions.

5. International Power Outlets

Different countries use different types of power outlets. So just imagine entering a new country and realizing that none of your cables work. Hotels can help by providing international power outlets in the rooms. That way travelers can charge their phones, laptops, and other devices without needing to bring an adapter or having to run to the nearest store.

You can also purchase items like lamps that have USB charging ports in them.