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How to Target and Fix the Major “Pain Points” in Your Business

Avoid the pain of lost revenue by tackling common weak points that may be putting pressure on your business.

When a structure is under pressure, the weak spots will be the first to bust, and everything will come down with it. A business is much the same, so eliminating those weak spots can save it before too much damage is done.

Every company faces its own unique set of issues, but looking at common problems is the best place to start.

Any business is built up from its employees and customers. Giving attention to issues that affect either, company culture or brand recognition, will save companies from the pain of business loss.

Workplace culture

Culture describes the values, attitudes, and shared experiences of a group of people, and it’s incredibly important in a workplace.

A good workplace culture should be based on teamwork, dependability, and productivity. It’s fostering a good environment that will encourage employees to stay and do their best.

Data gathered by Deloitte shows that the majority of executives and employees see a solid workplace culture as pertinent to a business’s success.

A lot of the direction will depend on management – managers should be setting an example for their employees and paving the way. They should encourage employees to grow and improve and learn to make their own decisions. Autonomy will help employees feel trusted and valued.

Another direction to take to promote better workplace culture is to encourage employee bonding. Consider creating fun experiences and scheduling group meetings that will keep everyone on the same page. Employee recognition is important, too.

Brand recognition

Brand recognition is key to acquiring new customers.

A 2020 report shows that consumers go with a brand they recognize approximately three out of four times. Statistics have shown time and time again that brand recognition is incredibly profitable.

That also means that if your business hasn’t been put in the mind of consumers already, you may be falling behind. Consumers will be less likely to choose you.

The best way to raise awareness of a brand is through recognizable marketing like unique logos, slogans, and packaging.

Brand recognition doesn’t have to be limited to physical cues, though. A brand name shouldn’t be the only thing that pops into a consumer’s mind – they should also be able to associate high-quality goods or services with that name.

Maintaining company standards is important here. No matter the location, no matter the product, customers expect consistency. A lack of consistency will make it difficult to be remembered by, especially in a positive light.


Organization is a key player in efficiency. It also lowers the stress on employees and allows everyone to do their best work.

Tactics will vary by business type, but there are many important ways to apply organization to every aspect of a business.

In the digital realm, use tricks like creating a naming system for files for easier location and organizing your email inbox into different folders. Create step-by-step guides for complex processes so everyone is following the same procedure and no one is left confused and frustrated.

For physical offices, keep the workspace organized by making time to tidy up every day and make checklists for employees to follow.

Businesses that sell tangible goods face unique organizational challenges, too. Keeping everything labeled and storing similar products together can make a big difference. Make sure the most popular, fast-moving products are easily accessible.

Putting time into organization will save time in the long run.

Instead of letting common issues tear your business down, learn from the mistakes of others and do it right. Flip these pain points around and build a strong foundation.