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How to Tell Americans Are Desperate to Travel Again

Everyone wants to take a trip

A new survey reveals how much everyone wants to take a trip. 

More than a week. A full 176 hours. That’s the collective total the average American scrolled through social media looking for vacation inspiration while stuck indoors this past year.

That’s the big takeaway from a survey of 2,000 Americans by hotel and lodging company Motel 6. Three in five said they “experienced a stronger desire to travel in the past 12 months than in a normal year.” But why so much time?

Being cooped up indoors made one in four feel pent up and frustrated. The majority leaned on social media inspiration as a coping mechanism. More than two-thirds admitted to feeling happier while looking for future travel ideas. And 76 percent felt the need to get out of town even more.

“Travelers have been dreaming about and planning for that day for some time,” said Rob Palleschi, CEO of G6 Hospitality. “When travelers are ready to hit the road again, we’re here to help them do so safely.”

Cleanliness matters more than ever

Safety guidelines matter to travelers when choosing a hotel brand. Close to half (45 percent) said face-covering requirements is a policy they’re looking for in a hotel. Capacity limitations were a concern for 37 percent.

Knowing about enhanced cleaning services matters to 38 percent of survey respondents. Gem Journal previously reported 10 COVID-19 Hotel Cleaning Programs that’s been setting the gold standard for cleaning strategies since early into the health crisis.

Motel 6 created its own cleaning program called Clean@6. More information can be found here.

“Travel looks different now,” Palleschi said, “so we continue to evolve and are doing everything we can to help travelers feel safe and confident the next time they walk through our doors.”