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It’s Okay to Hire an Inexperienced Worker

The hospitality industry is understaffed, this could be the solution. 

When it comes to hiring, experience is usually a top priority. Employers want to know that they’re hiring someone who can provide excellent customer service from day one. But there are several reasons why hiring someone who is inexperienced in the hospitality industry can be a smart move.

One big reason is that you probably need more staff.

The American Hotel & Lodging Association conducted a survey last summer and found that 97 percent of hotels are experiencing staff shortages. About half of the survey respondents said they’re experiencing “severe” shortages.

The hospitality industry simply hasn’t recovered from the pandemic. Anything travel and hospitality-related suffered, and businesses had to let go of employees they couldn’t afford to pay anymore.

But the pandemic has come to an end and the workforce is still struggling. At the end of 2021, while many industries were recovering, the hospitality industry still had triple the unemployment rate.

If being in desperate need of employees doesn’t make it sound worth it to train a new employee, here are a few other reasons…

New perspectives

Hiring someone who is inexperienced in the hospitality industry can bring fresh perspectives and ideas to the business. Someone who has worked in the industry for many years might be set in their ways and less likely to suggest new approaches or solutions to problems. A fresh pair of eyes can bring creative problem-solving.


Hiring someone with little or no experience in the hospitality industry can result in a more loyal and dedicated employee. When someone is given an opportunity to learn and grow within a company, they’re more likely to stay with that company long-term. They are grateful for the opportunity and are often more committed to the business as a result. This can help reduce staff turnover and the costs of recruitment and training.

An open mind

Inexperienced employees are often more eager to learn and more receptive to feedback.

This can help them develop new skills quickly and effectively. A well-trained, eager employee can become an asset, and their lack of experience in the industry can actually be a benefit.


Businesses can sometimes suffer from a lack of diversity in terms of age, race, and gender. Hiring employees from outside the industry can help to address this issue. A diverse workforce can lead to improved creativity, problem-solving, and customer service, and a more inclusive workplace culture.


Experienced employees come with higher salaries and benefits, and they may not always be willing to take on entry-level roles that are necessary for new hires. Inexperienced employees might be more willing to take on entry-level roles, which can save the business money in the long run. Investing in training for inexperienced employees can help to develop them into skilled workers who can provide excellent customer service and contribute to the success of the business.