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Keep Up With Hotel Trends Using These 4 Ideas

Prices are rising and guest satisfaction is decreasing.

More than half of the U.S. hotel industry has raised its prices. Those new costs, however, are not translating to new amenities – and guests are taking note.

According to Forbes, ever since prices began to jump post-pandemic, there has been a “considerable drop in guest satisfaction,” particularly in 2022. If hotels are going to make travelers pay more, then they need to ensure those costs are warranted. Hoteliers might be increasing their prices due to higher operating costs. Still, there are low-cost amenities and changes that they can implement to make guests feel the price is valid.

Upgrading amenities is also important for keeping an edge against your competition. Let’s say two competitors have raised their prices, but only one has modern or improved amenities; it isn’t hard to guess which hotel guests are more likely to book with.

When a hotel has that edge, it can utilize it in its marketing. Online booking and travel review websites are extremely influential factors in travelers’ decision-making processes; hotels have to establish a strong online presence. Upgrading amenities provides fresh and attractive content for marketing materials that can be posted on those sites, including updated photos, descriptions, and videos promoting a hotel’s new amenities.

Let’s get into some of the basic changes you can start implementing.

1. Wireless charging

Guests rely heavily on their phones for things like communication, navigation, and accessing important travel-related information. Wireless chargers can instantly elevate guest experiences. Wireless charging is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers. By providing this amenity, you can keep up with guest expectations or wow consumers who haven’t been able to get their hands on this new technology yet.

Techy savviness is a growing trend in every industry, so it’s best to keep up.

2. Contactless and app-free interactions

Contactless check-in has become a more common amenity since the COVID-19 pandemic. It creates an easier and more seamless check-in process for guests. Convenience is always a way to elevate guest experience. If you’re able to, provide guests with a virtual room key that they can use to access their room.

Many hotels may also provide apps for guests so that they can navigate different perks or other hotel features. However, guests might be reluctant to download an app that utilizes phone space and that they’ll only use for a limited time.

This is a great opportunity to create a site and post QR codes around the property so guests can access vital information, check-in and out processes, and amenities without the hassle of an app. Place QR codes directly in rooms as well to streamline room service requests.

3. Speedy internet

If you haven’t invested in quick and reliable WiFi, you aren’t investing in guest satisfaction. It’s an essential service in today’s market and is expected by all travelers.

The growing demographic of business travelers relies on the internet for email communication, accessing cloud-based platforms, video conferencing, and other work-related tasks. Even if guests aren’t traveling for business purposes, they still heavily rely on the internet. After a long day of activities, guests will appreciate the ability to stream their favorite shows and movies without any hassle.

Something as basic as video phone calls is also heavily impacted by wifi quality. The last thing you want is a guest experiencing dropped calls and stalled streaming at the end of a busy day.

4. Sound sleeping

Waking up early to the sun’s bright glare or lying awake listening to the busy sounds outside isn’t ideal for most travelers.

Heavy curtains are a simple way to address these issues. Hanging up black-out and noise-reducing curtains doesn’t have to be back-breakingly expensive either, and can instantly improve a guest’s experience. Reducing any gaps around room doors will also help reduce noise from hallways. Nobody wants to hear the rowdiness of guests returning from a late night out nor do they want to hear the stomping feet of children in the morning. While that issue isn’t necessarily in your control, it can still make guests miserable.

Lastly, it’s important to advertise any amenities you have to prove to potential guests that you are the right choice. Methods such as newsletters, social media campaigns, and loyalty programs  are a few great steps.

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