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March into Women’s History with Inspired Dishes and Drinks

Women’s History Month is celebrated in many ways – from festivals to films to classroom projects, we honor the vital role women have played in society. So why not also get the point across with food and drinks?

Originally lasting only one week, the recognition of women in history eventually became a nationally recognized month-long tribute to the enormous contributions women have made throughout our country.

Guests can learn about this important component of history and have a great time while doing it. All it takes is some imagination and execution.

Restaurants across America have taken this theme of girl power as inspiration for new dishes and cocktails. Using ingredients to tell a story, they serve enjoyment and education at the same time. This connection to our nation’s history creates a meaningful experience, which surely makes a simple meal more memorable.

Many restaurants are boasting female-themed food festivities this month – and they wouldn’t be possible without the brilliant women behind them.

There’s no Mickey without Minnie

One of the most well-known guest service brands in the hospitality industry – and the world – is “Celebrating Her Story” with food and beverages representing Disney’s iconic characters and female staff members.

Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is proudly supporting Women’s History Month with menu items across their parks and hotels – most of which were created by women themselves.

The brand already takes hospitality to another level, but this theme is another home run with beautiful dishes ranging from a Minnie Kitchen Sink Sundae – decorated with magical polka dot perfection – to a Princess of Alderaan Milkshake that cleverly places cinnamon rolls on either side of a salted caramel confection, recreating the iconic hairstyle of Leia from Star Wars.

Then there are dishes created by female cast members that honor their unique backgrounds, such as pastries inspired by sous chef Kristen, who created a dessert that looks like the beautiful macaws she watches fly around Animal Kingdom each day. And Food and Beverage Coordinator Liz honors her family’s heritage with a Lychee Green Tea concoction.

As Disney demonstrates so wonderfully, the possibilities to celebrate their fictional and real-life female heroes are endless.

Culinary storytelling shares a cultural journey

For years, the Sweet Home Café has shared with its guests a Women’s History Month luncheon, part of the National Museum of African American History & Culture’s collective effort to support Women’s History Month. The museum proudly highlights women in history, and does so beautifully with its talented chefs.

The museum itself hosts many events honoring this special month, but inside the Sweet Home Café Women’s History lunch, guests will find a special menu that tells the unique story of its creator.

One of those female chefs featured was Dornaline Auguste, a St. Lucia native who shared a menu inspired by cooking with her grandmother on the island. Her Women’s History Month meal was an ode to where she was born, and a winning result of her professional culinary pursuits in America. Ingredients included tricolor coconut quinoa and scotch bonnet pickled shallots – flavors that instantly transported guests to Auguste’s childhood.

Taste, smell, and a heartwarming narrative served as powerful ways to share an intimate journey and make an impact with guests.

Coming together to support the community

In the D.C. region, female restaurant and bar owners came together for the third year in a row to organize the Women’s History Month Festival. Nonprofit Regarding Her is the driving force behind the festivities and utilizes women from the hospitality industry to help plan this exciting event.

Women-owned drinking and dining businesses in the D.C. area collaborate on themed events that attract patrons from near and far (similar to the South Beach Wine & Food Festival format). Guests enjoy cooking classes that offer kitchen tours and hands-on experiences, or ticketed workshops with local women chefs cooking up amazing dishes.

The best part is the sense of community that’s created – women bar owners and restaurateurs work together to create experiences that wow guests and expose them to “sister” dining options at the same time. By introducing their regulars to new restaurants also owned by women, everyone gained more customers, and everyone benefited from exposure through teamwork.

A calendar of events for this festival offers a variety of dining and drinking for guests to enjoy, all keeping within the Women’s History Month spirit. Guests make memories that will motivate them to return to the featured spots well after the festivities end.

Add instant flavor to Women’s History Month

These amazing menus impress guests with culinary experiences that will last a lifetime in their minds and hearts. But if it seems like there’s no time left to celebrate this month, think again.

Whether it’s through dedicating names of dishes to female trailblazers or using cocktails to tell the story of historical figures, a simple menu shift with on-hand ingredients can show guests a lot about what a brand prioritizes. Shake things up today with innovative products that honor famous women and female staff members. And don’t forget to brag about these incredible ladies (and the menu items that feature them) on social media!

Resources are available to learn more about Women’s History Month, as well as informed ways to integrate education into the guest experience.

Get everyone involved in the effort. There will be plenty of ideas from enthusiastic staff members that can power a Women’s HIstory Month celebration at any establishment. Whether it’s managing brand reputation, building community involvement, or simply honoring those in the hospitality industry, celebrating women is always a good idea.