Meet Joe Pye

Joe Pye is the Editor-in-Chief of The GEM Journal. For the past seven years, Pye has worked as a finance reporter before diving into the world of guest experience.

As a former hospitality hero himself, Pye draws on his time bringing restaurant guests the best experience for the buck. If there’s one thing his work as a finance and hospitality reporter have in common – it’s money.

There’s no better way to make guests eager for more business than a great experience.

Pye volunteers as a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, the nation’s largest and longest-running journalism organization. His work has been featured on MSN, Mediafeed, Miami New Times, Fort Lauderdale Illustrated, Aventura Magazine, and Money Talks News.

Pye holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Florida Atlantic University. He has won multiple journalism awards from the Society of Professional Journalists including: The 2021 Green Eyeshade, 2022 Sunshine State, and was once a runner up for the Mark of Excellence. In his spare time, Pye runs, South Florida’s only journalistic (and journalism award-winning) craft beer blog.