Meet RobertA Nedry

Roberta is the designer of 3DService®, a unique service training methodology integrating touch points, behaviors, skills, strategies, and methods to drive positive customer emotions, recognizing the multiple dimensions of exceptional service.

Her diverse background with both public and private companies allows clients to draw on her extensive career experience for business solutions. Her passion and authentic style inspire deep dives into the soul of an organization resulting in powerful road maps to excellence creating brand value and customer loyalty.

She knows what questions to ask and loves the big reveals of service excellence discoveries and opportunities.

Roberta is an International and USA Honorary Member of Les Clefs d ‘Or, “The Keys of Gold,” representing

the top

of the concierge profession worldwide

awarded for her educational contributions to the profession.

She was the featured expert on Guest Experience Management at the inaugural Boutique Lodging and Lifestyle Conference in Los Angeles and often speaks on customer, guest, and patient experiences and service excellence.

Roberta is widely published and sought by many industries including hospitality, financial, legal, retail, healthcare, technology, transportation, commercial real estate, and conference centers as well as city and country destinations and leading Fortune 500 companies. She is frequently quoted and featured in global media for her service delivery expertise and emotional intelligence.

A former California Junior Miss (now Distinguished Young Women of America), Roberta started her guest service training with Walt Disney Productions and was selected as a two-time Disney “Ambassador to the World” finalist.

Before launching Hospitality Excellence, Inc. in 1999, she served as General Manager for the International Concierge Institute and the International School of Tourism for the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Before that, she held executive-level or senior positions in financial and legal industries, public relations, entertainment, and hospitality.

As founder of The GEM Journal of Hospitality Excellence, Roberta and her team share the secret tips and tricks she’s learned over 40 years of analyzing, exploring, delivering, and managing guest, customer, and service training experiences around the world.

Guest experience is what we do. We’re ready to to help you become a service leader hero for your team and customers.