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Netflix Ends Twitter Customer Support Account

Netflix Ends Twitter Customer Support Account

The account was active for 13 years. Here’s what customer service professionals can learn from it.

After 13 years and 270,000 followers, Netflix has suspended its Twitter account dedicated to customer supper, according to Variety.

There were more than 900,000 tweets on the account — which responded to users’ complaints directly. Representatives replied in different languages to help solve users’ problems from billing to technical difficulties.

The reason, a spokesperson told Variety, is to direct customer support efforts toward company-owned platforms, like their website, phone number, and app chatbot.

Although there is value in driving people to your platforms like Netflix is doing, there’s also a ton of value from meeting your customers where they are. Depending on your demographic, one of those places is very likely to be on social media.

When people are having an issue with their product or service, the last thing they need is an issue getting a hold of someone to help them. You can use social media to respond to people’s needs quickly and directly.

Here are three advantages of using social media in your customer support process.

It’s easier for some people

Although some people may prefer to speak one-on-one with someone about an issue they’re having, it’s easier for some people to send off a tweet or Facebook comment. That way, they’re not having to find a company’s email address that could be buried on their site or sit on hold for hours waiting to talk to someone.

There’s a level of convenience for people with sending off a message, and knowing you’ll get back to them sooner than later. This also saves your company’s phone lines or inbox from being clogged and gives you flexibility for when you can respond to people.

You can possibly help multiple people at once

When you use social media to help solve customers’ issues, you can help others who might be facing the same issue who are just browsing. It’s a win-win for both you and customers since you both saved time and got an issue resolved.

An FAQ section on your website has the same effect, but some people’s questions aren’t asked so frequently. Having your social media act as a database of customer solutions for both big and small issues, like Netflix’s, can help more people than you think.

It builds trust

When people see that you’re addressing issues openly on social media, that lets them know you don’t just want to sweep customer issues under the rug. That means that if you decide to use social media as a customer service tool, then you should stay consistent with it — or it may look like you aren’t willing to address certain issues.