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OPERA Cloud Takes Hotel Property Management to New Heights

Hotel management is easier than ever thanks to OPERA Cloud. This property management system can handle everything from booking information to room assignments, and can carry out accounting and billing functions while collecting essential guest information into organized data points.

Simply put, OPERA incorporates a large amount of data into hotel operations so guests and staff have a better overall experience.

GEM Journal previously spoke to Oracle HospitalitySenior Director Luis Weir about the future of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) as well as the integration of Artificial Intelligence into day-to-day hotel activity.

Here we explore the company’s newest innovation, as well as its potential to take hospitality into the future of guest service.

What is a property management system?

Before understanding the benefits of OPERA, it’s important to know how a property management system – or PMS – works.

A PMS is a type of software or platform that properties can use to house and share information. That information can range from guest capacity to room rates to keeping track of guests’ orders. By using technology instead of paper to manage it all, hotels save time and money while providing guests a better experience.

One of the main purposes of a PMS is to keep track of customers’ buying habits. A PMS can “define more targeted packages and services” so hotels can better provide what guests want to pay for.

How can OPERA improve guest service?

One of OPERA’s main features is its ability to record guest preferences and store them in a powerful and secure database. It then creates an easily accessible guest profile that tracks preferences along their journey. From the moment guests check in on their phone, this mobile-enabled cloud-based hotel PMS monitors and updates guest and property needs.

OPERA is a PMS that offers a range of customizable functions and products, so all types of properties can pick and choose what works best for their size.

Where does AI come into play?

OPERA works with a wide variety of partners that use artificial intelligence to enhance the overall hotel experience.

In a recent story about technology platform PolyAPI, GEM Journal reports on how this AI-powered app revolutionizes the booking process, allowing hotels to create unique plugins that can start collecting guest data before they even step foot on property.

PolyAPI and other Oracle partners allow hotels to not only generate plugins, but also streamline operations with real-time data communicating across multiple application programming interfaces.

Basically, different programs can “talk” to each other, allowing staff to respond to requests, anticipate problems, and offer perks that surpass guest expectations. AI can also help companies analyze rates and booking trends in realtime to get ahead of the game.

How does OPERA support hotel staff?

Weir is ecstatic about these advancements in management. He also touches on the AI hospitality takeover in terms of replacing human jobs:

“Machine learning is particularly well-suited for tasks that involve analyzing large volumes of guest data to identify patterns, trends, and non-obvious relationships. This can extend from enhanced guest experiences … to more personalized experiences that empower employees to allocate more time to value-driven tasks.”

Enhancing AI’s capabilities is only one of OPERA’s many benefits as it can make staff’s roles more enjoyable – and effective.

OPERA orchestrates decisions based on data that the platform organizes. Availability, housekeeping requests, extended stays, and extra purchases are at an employee’s fingertips. Additionally, OPERA boasts an accurate, reliable interface that is “used by thousands of hotels around the world,” which means new employees may already know how to navigate this user-friendly platform.

Operators can manage properties across the world in one streamlined system. On top of that, IT costs are reduced because there is no need for the traditional upkeep of outdated tools and hardware.

Is OPERA safe to use?

Besides storing data in a secured manner, being a part of the Oracle Hospitality brand means this product is associated with integrity. Oracle Hospitality complies with Payment Card Industry standards, so they go through a “lengthy audit process” that ensures their shining reputation is maintained throughout the hospitality industry.