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Restful Guests are Happy Guests

Uncomfortable accommodations can spoil a guest’s entire experience.

A good night’s sleep does so much more than many people realize. The Public Health and Safety Organization (NSF) published that a lack of sleep can lead to immense changes in mood.

The “walking tired” are more prone to irritability and anger. Tired people are far more likely to seethe over daily inconveniences. That means one small mistake from your staff or discontentment over your services can be absolutely blown out of proportion. You don’t want to end up with a slew of bad reviews because uncomfortable accommodations leave your guests cranky.

J.D. Power surveyed nearly 45,000 hotel guests who said sleep is one of the “most important components of a hotel guest experience,” yet most hotels aren’t delivering “better-than-expected sleeping conditions.”

Guest satisfaction increases by about 11 percent after a comfortable sleeping experience and 78 percent of survey respondents also said that they’ll “definitely” return to a hotel that’s provided them with that experience. While travel trends come and go, an emphasis on good sleep, J.D. Power says, isn’t going anywhere.

If you feel your rooms may not be delivering on these needs, consider upgrading with some of these sleep essentials.

Blackout curtains

These are designed to block out as much sunlight as possible, keeping rooms nice and dark. They’re often used over lighter curtains or blinds as an extra measure. Proper blackout curtains should make a room completely light-free even in the middle of the day. A dark room is always the ideal setting for rest as the body produces more melatonin – a sleep-related hormone – in dark environments. Blackout curtains can help prevent disrupted sleep and accommodate guests who may have to sleep during the day. They can also alleviate cooling costs.

Customizable tech

Improve your guests’ sleep experience by utilizing customizable technology in their rooms. Implementing dimmable lighting systems allows guests to create a personalized ambiance as they relax and unwind from a busy day. Having full, bright lights when trying to get in the mood to sleep isn’t super comfortable. But moving around in complete darkness isn’t always ideal either. Customizable lighting lets guests find the perfect in-between. You can also implement temperature control features and allow guests to adjust room temperatures to their preferences, ensuring a comfortable sleep environment.

An additional bonus would be some sort of white noise machine. More than half of American adults said they rely on background noise to fall asleep, so this is a great bonus for that demographic. Plus, the extra noise can help drown out loud hallways or outdoor noises.

Top-notch comfort

Invest in quality mattresses, sheets, and other bedding essentials. Provide guests with options to choose the pillow that suits their individual preferences ranging from soft, firm, or specialty pillows that cater to specific needs. You can give guests the ability to select these preferences before arriving at their rooms, or you can allow them to request these accommodations after they’ve checked in. Elevate their experience by taking the extra step of offering amenities like slippers and robes. Ideally, you’d provide them for free in the rooms by default or offer them as a free option to guests when they check in.