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Survey Reveals the Top Five Things Customers Look for in a New Hair Salon

Focus on these factors to stand apart from competitors and gain new hair salon clients.

On a daily basis, your hair salon has all kinds of opportunities to snare new clients. People relocate and need to find a new stylist, for example. Or maybe their stylist is stuck in a rut, and the client has had the same haircut for the last three years. Perhaps they’re simply always on the lookout for a better stylist and hair salon guest experience.

Whatever the reasons for switching to a new salon, consumers are generally savvy about locating hair salons around town, especially with these top methods from a survey of 800 salon clients by customer experience platform Boulevard:

  • Digital tools such as Google or Yelp: 83 percent
  • Social media: 60 percent
  • Recommendations from friends: 57 percent
  • Looking for neighborhood stylists: 56 percent

Consumers in search of a hair salon are looking for the “perfect mix” of affordability, quality and client service, according to the Boulevard survey.

Here’s the survey breakdown of the top three factors that influence hair salon clients’ choices when shopping for a new salon.


The rates for hair salon services have always been a top factor for consumers looking for a new salon. And with everyone feeling the pinch of inflation, price is even more important. At the same time, low prices alone don’t generally sway potential clients.

“Interestingly, clients want consistently reasonable prices — not just the lowest rate possible,” says the Boulevard report. “Only three percent of respondents told us that discounts or deals were what clinched it for them.

“Because 50 percent of respondents told us they come in monthly, it’s probably wise to offer package deals or subscriptions. It suits your clients’ needs and helps you keep a resilient bottom line.”


You can bet potential clients will check out your stylists’ and salon’s online reputation on Google, Yelp, and social media. But don’t overlook the influence of word of mouth, too. Also, make sure your salon storefront has signage and other street appeal to get noticed by passersby.

Convenience and flexibility

One-third of hair salon customers surveyed said they choose a new stylist “based on whoever can accommodate their busy schedule.” Do your best to squeeze in a new client for their first appointment and subsequent visits. They’ll feel valued and will appreciate your efforts to be flexible.

Online booking options

“Online booking is by far the preferred method for scheduling appointments, says the survey. “It’s one and a half times more popular than any other option and a key factor in client retention.” In fact, 24 percent said a poor online booking experience would keep them from coming back.

Relationship and rapport

Survey respondents emphatically agreed that having a “meaningful relationship” with their stylist and feeling comfortable with salon staff was hugely important when choosing and staying loyal to a new stylist.

“As important as the latest tools are to creating an ideal customer experience, the personal connection counts, too,” according to the Boulevard report. “Forget that, and your clients will forget you.” In fact, 55 of respondents listed “poor customer service” as a top reason they would stop going to a hair salon or barbershop.