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The Top 5 Tech Solutions for Hospitality Customer Service

Hospitality Customer Service

In this evolving world, technology is a tool and an asset to keep your guests happy.

Gone are the days when guests needed a phone book and map to find their way around a new town. But in this technological renaissance, are you using technology to your greatest potential?

Here’s a look at five ways you can use technology to improve customer satisfaction at your hotel brand…

1. Self-check-in kiosks

Things go wrong traveling all the time. A guest’s flight gets delayed, maybe the Uber driver took the long route. Setting up self-check-in kiosks can help expedite the check-in process tremendously for stressed-out guests.

2. Mobile device door keys

Some guests get quite embarrassed to ask for a new room key after losing their original. Rather than making them run to the front desk, they can simply use their phone. Hotels around the country have already started implementing this practice.

3. Stretch WiFi a little further

Guests love WiFi. And when it doesn’t work, it’s one of the most common complaints. A solution to this tech dilemma is to install WiFi-WiFi routers. That can help guests connect to your WiFi network and create their own hotspot.

4. Guest apps

This is a great way to keep people coming back. Guests in town for a conference or convention can use your app for their itinerary and can even host a map. It’s also a great way to spread awareness of promotional offers to guests in loyalty programs.

5. Online access to change the room temperature

This is piggy-backing off the above suggestion. Technology is available to allow guests to control the temperature of their room from their hotel app.

Hilton does, and the hotel chain also provides the ability to change lighting and TV settings – all without your guests needing to get out of bed.