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The Importance of Daily Room Cleaning: A Case for Hoteliers

Many hotels have moved away from daily routine cleanings since the pandemic, but continuing them in a safe manner can yield some dividends for you where customer service is concerned.

Though you may see appeals to environmental concerns, others believe the real culprit is relatively low wages at hotels. In any case, many hotels have no plans of returning to the  daily cleaning schedule of yesteryear. There are some reasons to pay housekeepers enough to maintain that schedule, however.

Guests may expect routi​​ne cleaning at a certain price point 

Given what hotels offer historically, you will have guests that wonder why they are paying $350 a night but having to place their trash in the hallway for staff to pick up at some future point. Where their money goes if it isn’t going toward amenities they are used to like housekeeping is a legitimate question, especially among those who are used to high-end hotels. Many of your guests have an expectation that their room(s) will be clean if and when they ask, and your hotel staff have the responsibility to meet those demands.

There is a certain relief that can come with returning to a clean room. Many people clean even before leaving for a trip so they can rest comfortably upon their return. Your staff can at least simulate that feeling with these cleanings, and I reckon they could go a long way toward establishing a good memory in the eyes of customers.

Distinguish yourself from the competition

If you understand that competitors will no longer clean their rooms daily, you can juxtapose what you’re doing with what you plan to do. Families with children and sports teams especially may appreciate a hotel brand that is still cleaning pretty often since the groups they come with tend to be more stationary. Yes, they can stay with the hotel down the street at a similar price point, but their rooms won’t be clean and fresh when they return each day.

Offering a privilege like this can go a long way toward making a memorable and pleasant experience for your guests, which means they may come back. The more ways you can seek to establish an imprint in the mind of your customers, the higher likelihood that they may return. 

You can always provide an opt-out

The vast majority of your guests may not choose to opt out, but you should make it clear that they do have the choice to do so.

It’s perfectly fine to give folks the option to opt out of daily hotel room cleanings, and there are some legitimate and longstanding reasons that people may not take advantage of that option. Some may be uncomfortable with having folks in their private space. Others may feel they can keep a room clean enough for 2-3 days that the cleaning isn’t worth the trouble from an outsider.

Having a private space is part of what these folks pay for, and if they would prefer no cleanings at all or one cleaning a week, that’s their prerogative. You may even find folks in this day and age who have environmental concerns who don’t want their room cleaned that often ⁠— perpetual and new sheets seem wasteful to them. If that’s the case, no probl⁠em. Make absolutely sure that staff meet their preferences lest you rile them.