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Work It Out: Getting Guests Into Your Gym

From the local gym membership I was gifted to the establishment that would cost me ten times as much were I not a guest, I’ve lived through a variety of gym experiences.

Shopping for a new gym, I consider the many ways that people exercise that don’t involve a paid membership: heading to a park, going for a walk, or installing a home gym, to name a few. There needs to be a draw for those monthly fees to be worth the spend. For some, that’s as simple as a varied set of free weights. Others may take more convincing to make the jump.

Once committed to the idea of a gym membership, how does one decide which gym to join? With so many options available, what sets them apart?

There’s only so much workout equipment out there, and most every gym supplies the same basics. In reality, a preferred gym is built from factors like premier customer service, well thought out design, and additional amenities.

Special features

It may seem like an obvious point to make, but people care about the amenities their gym offers. Consistency is important, too – members should be able to expect their favorite piece of equipment at every location they walk into.

Some simple features that many may take for granted include controlled temperature, access to multiple locations, and well-kept bathrooms and locker rooms. Hotel-style shampoo and conditioner in the showers and disposable razors were enough to blow me away.

Spas, concessions, and unique classes are amenities that can set a gym apart. (Personally, I’ll be making sure the next gym membership I pay for gets me access to a sauna.)

Juice bars and made-to-order food offer great convenience to guests and have potential for increased revenue.

Guest service

Providing exercise equipment is really only the start to running a gym. Eighty percent of people say that customer service is just as important as the actual product or service that they’re paying for.

Gyms have the opportunity to truly rise above the others by providing premier customer service in unexpected ways. Show guests that they’re cared for by having floating staff available to check in on them throughout their workout.

Just as in a hotel, the check in desk is the first point of contact and the easiest place to ensure that guests feel welcomed. Being able to recognize regulars and greet guests by name as they arrive is a unique opportunity that gym staff can and should strive for.

Additionally, guests should have an easy channel to provide feedback and access support.

Focusing on the guest experience will elevate gyms beyond being just a place to use equipment.

Victorious by design

A treadmill is a treadmill no matter where it’s stationed. However, interior design has a major impact on how guests feel about their gym.

People go to the gym to improve themselves, and the design should contribute to their goal of feeling good about themselves. And, importantly for business, it should make them want to come back.

Natural lighting makes a big positive impact on mood. Large windows that open up to an engaging view, like rolling hills or a city skyline, are an added bonus. Live plants have a similar positive affect by emulating being in nature.

Layout is important, too. There should be plenty of equipment available for use, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of the gym feeling cramped.

Other features to consider include wall colors, lighting fixtures, patterns, and other decor.

Care should be taken to uphold the gym’s image. Maintaining a clean, welcoming space will make guests feel more comfortable and encourage them to keep coming back.

It’s common for gyms to offer free passes for prospective members to try their services out. It’s a great way to get new people inside. That makes the ultimate goal to be getting them to come back.

Continue wowing current members as well as new visitors in order to keep the gym at full capacity. Offering enticing amenities, top-of-the-line customer service, and a welcoming environment will help gym members surpass their health goals at your establishment.